COID Property update 4-7-2022

On March 31-2022 COID withdrew their partition application.  We understand that a new attorney has been hired and will propose a lot line adjustment which was tried before but had code issues and was thus discouraged by City staff.

As of April 12 there is no new application but we expect a lot line adjustment application in the future.  We will continue our efforts to save this special area for a park.  Our focus will shift a bit to the Bend City Council to educate them of the value of this land for open space to provide respite from a more dense city, heat island effect relief, carbon sequestration area, carbon dioxide sink and identify this as a Green House Gas Preserve (GHG).  The highest and best use of land is not always development, in this case the highest and best use is to keep the area as an open space natural park and GHG preserve.