News of Interest related to Land Use in or near our Southwest Bend Neighborhood

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Middle Housing Code Changes – HB2001

  • City Council Virtual Work Session. The City of Bend will hold a “virtual” work session before the Bend City Council on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. for the proposed amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and Development Code that implement HB 2001.  Attendance instructions will be posted at prior to the work session. (PDF)
  • Notice is for a City Council first reading on HB2001 which is a bill allowing duplexes, tri-plexes and quad-plexes on all residential lots providing the lots is of sufficient size for each plex. This bill was passed in State legislature to increase middle housing for work force people. This is Bend’s response to that bill. Bend allows one short term rental per unit that was not specified in the State bill. (PDF)
  • Here are two websites to help inform you about land use issues being brought before the Bend Planning Commission and City Council.  These issues will affect the future look of Bend, how it functions and whether Bendites have a say in how their City develops.
    New City website to educate our neighbors about land use:

Proposed Pahlisch COID Project – Brookswood near Blvd

Noise Variance Requests

Proposed RV Park off Murphy Road

  • Hearings officer decision. Approved. July 2021. (PDF) The hearings officer has approved with conditions the RV Park in the Murphy Crossing Refinement Plan area.  There are a number of conditions but none of any major significance which would prevent the application from going through and being built. I find is disturbing that a code which was adopted by the City Council could so easily be disregarded, trash the volunteer work of Southwest Bend NA people and waste money the City spent on consultants to develop the refinement plan.  The City Council has made housing a priority yet this area would have been perfect to develop a complete neighborhood with housing, some missing middle housing, local businesses, a park and grocery store which was needed at the time.  Instead we get a development catering to tourists and transient RVers, people who aren’t invested in our city.  I am sad. – Judy Clinton
  • PL20-0702. PL20-0703. PLVAR20210039 Comments submitted for public hearing (PDF)
  • PL20-702, 703, 0039 Notice of Hearing Continuation – his is notice for proposed RV park continued hearing. The new submittals are available online by following instructions on notice. Some submittals have changed but not enough to comply with Murphy Crossing Refinement Plan. (PDF)
  • Notes on RV Park for Testimony, March 12, 2021. (PDF)
  • This notice PL20-0702, PL20-0703 and PLVAR20-0039, shown under land use, is for a RV park, storage units in the Murphy Crossing Refinement Plan (just south of Murphy Rd. between Brookswood and Hwy. 97). The refinement plan does not allow such a use which is why they are applying for a variance. They are proposing cutting down most of the big Ponderosa pines. (PDF)

Short Term (Vacation) Rentals – STRs

  • PLSTR20210903 – Notice of Pending Review (PDF)
  • PLSTR20211034 – Notice of Pending Admin Review (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210856 – Notice of Pending Admin Review (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210783 – Notice of Decision Administrative (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210783 – Notice of Pending Admin Review (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210864 – Another shor5t term rental. Many Neighborhood Associations are losing affordable houses to the short term rental market. Our NA has about 10 completed applications. (PDF)
    so far this year. There are incomplete applications which may become complete. Other NAs have even more.
  • PLSTR20210725 – Another STR in our NA (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210612 – Approval for a type I STR. Type I STRs have no 250′ radius limits so they can be located next to another STR. This one is across street from STR on Brightwood Circle. (PDF)
  • PLSTS20210723 – Notice of Decision (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210640 – Another application for short term rental. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210520 – Another application for short term rental. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210405 – Another short term rental coming to our neighborhood. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210384 – Another short term rental coming to our neighborhood. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210168 – Another short term rental coming to our neighborhood. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210103 – Another short term rental coming to our neighborhood. (PDF)
  • PLSTR20210103 – Type II Notice of Pending Review (PDF)
  • PL/PZ20-0848, Jan 2021 (PDF)
  • PZ20200856 (PDF)

Other Land Use Items

  • PLLD20210914 Notice of Pending Admin Review – Sunrise Village (PDF)
  • PLMDS20210724 – Approval for new replacement single family house with attached garage and an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). The existing garage will remain. (PDF)
  • PLMDS20210627 – Approved application for single family house with ADU on Hollygrape. (PDF)
  • PLLD20210581 – Approval for 5 lot subdivision. (PDF)
  • PLLD20210581 – Notice of Pending Admin Review (PDF)
  • PLSPR20210288 – Replacement building on Hwy. 97 Approved (PDF)
  • PLSPR20210288 – Application for building on Hwy. 97 near Walmart. This building replaces the one that burned down a few years ago. (PDF)
  • 19718 Hollygrape Street Public Meeting – This neighborhood meeting is a requirement by City for applicant to hold a public meeting informing neighbors of pending application for a 5 lot subdivision at this address. (PDF)
  • PLDR20210014 – Notice of Pending Admin Review Notice regards installation of a wildlife friendly fence (required by City WOZ, Water Overlay Zone) to define private property from Bend Parks and Recreation District property. People think the private property is part of river trail which it is not. (PDF)
  • PLTEXT20210122 – Notice of Virtual Public Hearing The amendments are for temporary housing in commercial limited (CL) and general commercial (CG) zones. Basically the code amendments are to regulate parking, supervision in, lines of people around a temporary housing shelter. Follow the directions in the notice to view the code changes which are under submittal document. (PDF)
  • PLTEXT20200998 & PLTEXT20210001 – Notices for a hearing before the planning commission regarding sign code changes to Bend’s sign code. There are a number of changes for gateway signs, some definition changes and other changes. If you want specific information follow the directions in the notice to access the wording. (PDF) (PDF2 – new February 6th).
  • PZ-20-0729 – This notice is for a lot split on Hollygrape. Lot is about 1 acre and the proposed split is into three parcels. At this time no buildings are proposed (PDF)
  • PZ20-0778 – Code change proposal for Juniper Ridge. (PDF)
  • PL20-0777 – hearing before City Council on January 20, 2021 (PDF)
    • Here is link to city website where people can see public comments and information about  proposal.   This proposal was suggested by the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance because they had heard enough complaints regarding notification of land use developments.  Some were inadequate signage near the proposed development, inadequate notification based on distance from proposed development and more.  Read Bill Bernardy comments for what are suggested code changes which would help with neighborhood notification.
      Judy Clinton
      SBNA Land Use Chair
  • Notice of Decision 10-28-2020 (PDF)
  • Ordinance 2390 (PDF)
  • Avion Water PZ 20-0626, 27, 28 (Front, Back)
  • PZ 20-024 (Front)
  • PZ 20-0526 (Front, Back)
  • PZ 20-0527 (Front, Back) Revised (Front, Back)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Decision May 6, 2020 (NoticeDecision)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Burden Comments. April 8, 2020. (PDF)
  • Short Term Rental, PZ 19-0644 March 29, 2020. (PDF)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Notice of Review, March 29, 2020 (PDF)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102,  TFR & TIA Summery Comments (PDF)
  • Letter Regarding Wishcamper/Atwood Development, PZ 20-0102. Feb 11, 2020. (PDF)
  • Land Use Meeting, Affordable Housing, S Hwy 97. Feb 5, 2020. (PDF)

Brookswood/Elk Meadow Cell Phone Tower Land Use Docs

  • Posted to SBNA website in 2017: Land Use Administrative Review (jpeg scans: Page 1 and Page 2)