News of Interest related to Land Use in or near our Southwest Bend Neighborhood

Short Term (Vacation) Rentals

  • PZ20200856 (PDF)

Other Land Use Items

  • PLTEXT20200998 & PLTEXT20210001 are notices for a hearing before the planning commission regarding sign code changes to Bend’s sign code. There are a number of changes for gateway signs, some definition changes and other changes. If you want specific information follow the directions in the notice to access the wording. (PDF).
  • PZ-20-0729 This notice is for a lot split on Hollygrape. Lot is about 1 acre and the proposed split is into three parcels. At this time no buildings are proposed (PDF)
  • PZ20-0778 Code change proposal for Juniper Ridge. (PDF)
  • PL20-0777 hearing before City Council on January 20, 2021 (PDF)
    • Here is link to city website where people can see public comments and information about  proposal.   This proposal was suggested by the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance because they had heard enough complaints regarding notification of land use developments.  Some were inadequate signage near the proposed development, inadequate notification based on distance from proposed development and more.  Read Bill Bernardy comments for what are suggested code changes which would help with neighborhood notification.
      Judy Clinton
      SBNA Land Use Chair
  • Notice of Decision 10-28-2020 (PDF)
  • Ordinance 2390 (PDF)
  • Avion Water PZ 20-0626, 27, 28 (Front, Back)
  • PZ 20-024 (Front)
  • PZ 20-0526 (Front, Back)
  • PZ 20-0527 (Front, Back) Revised (Front, Back)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Decision May 6, 2020 (NoticeDecision)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Burden Comments. April 8, 2020. (PDF)
  • Short Term Rental, PZ 19-0644 March 29, 2020. (PDF)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102, Notice of Review, March 29, 2020 (PDF)
  • Wishcamper, PZ 20-0102,  TFR & TIA Summery Comments (PDF)
  • Letter Regarding Wishcamper/Atwood Development, PZ 20-0102. Feb 11, 2020. (PDF)
  • Land Use Meeting, Affordable Housing, S Hwy 97. Feb 5, 2020. (PDF)

Brookswood/Elk Meadow Cell Phone Tower Land Use Docs

  • Posted to SBNA website in 2017: Land Use Administrative Review (jpeg scans: Page 1 and Page 2)