Letter from NLA Chair regarding Bend Shelter Code Update

Fellow NLA Representatives – 
You have probably heard…
As a result of the substantial amount of public comment received on the City’s proposed Shelter Code amendments (including the NLA’s Position Letter), the City’s Planning Commission took additional time (many hours) for discussion and made some important changes before making a recommendation to the City Council. The changes have been added to the City’s Shelter Code Quick Reference (attached) and are available online here: https://www.bendoregon.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/52048/637781883142730000
As community members, we know that all of our individual concerns can not always be addressed; however, they can be thoughtfully considered and discussed, which is what the Commission did. I’m grateful to each of the Commissioners for taking the time to seriously consider our input. I believe it is important as neighborhood leaders that we recognize that effort, and I encourage you to send a THANK YOU and encouragement to the Commissioners for taking the time to clearly address the public’s input and concerns.
And a big THANK YOU to each of you for doing your best to represent your neighbors on this and other issues. What you do matters!
Finally, I hope you will consider distributing this message to your membership, to let them know that their voices matter and can make a difference.
Soon it will be the City Council’s turn to further consider public comments and other input on the proposed amendments. I’m looking forward to this conversation with you all next week.
Summer Sears
Chair, Neighborhood Leadership Alliance
Representative for Orchard District N.A.
Proposed Amendments (PDF)
Quick Reference – Shelter Code (PDF)