Notice of Type 1 Wireless Decision – Increasing Height of Brookswood Cell Tower (PDF)


New Cingular PCS (d.b.a. AT&T Mobility)
c/o Phillip Kitzes, J5 Infrastructure Partners
20633 SW Teton Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062

LOCATION:  60838 Brookswood Blvd.; further identified as Tax Lot 11400 on Deschutes County Assessor’s Map #18-11-13DA.

REQUEST:   Type I Wireless Communication Facility Site Plan application to increase the height of an existing 80-foot tall monopine cell tower by 20 feet to 100 feet tall and relocate the existing Verizon Wireless antennas and ancillary equipment to a rad center of 96 feet, install twelve panel antennas, nine RRUs, six arm mounts, one surge suppressor and three antenna mounts along with various ancillary equipment at a rad center of 79 feet and install other ancillary equipment on the ground, including two new cabinets and a backup power generator, within a new 12’ by 18’ fenced lease area for AT&T Mobility located adjacent to the existing 30’ by 30’ lease area for Verizon located in the Residential Standard Density (RS) zone.

Joe Prutch, Assistant Planner, 541-323-8518

 The City received, and has approved, an application for modification of an existing wireless tower, at 60838 Brookswood Blvd, originally approved under application number PZ17-0430. The recent application was considered an “eligible facilities request” under federal law, and as such, was processed under the Bend Development Code as a Type I application, which must be approved if the application meets certain federal standards. The request was to increase the height of the existing tower by twenty (20) feet to add antennas to the monopine tower and additional facilities at ground level in a new lease area. Pursuant to federal law, the City approved this application to modify the existing tower. This notice is sent you as a courtesy.

We understand tower siting decisions can and have been controversial and we wanted to make you aware of the City’s approval of a modification application in this case. Please feel free to provide this information to your constituents or neighborhood association members.

This application and decision can be viewed using the following link to access the project directly: . Alternatively, the application can be accessed through the Online Permit Center Portal on the City of Bend website at Open the Portal and select the Application Search link under the Planning & Historic header, then enter the project number in the search bar to find the project. The decision can be found at the bottom of the project page under Documents and Images. Copies can also be obtained by contacting the staff reviewer listed above, or at a reasonable cost from the City of Bend Permit Center, City Hall, 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon.

If you have questions or need help to access the project in the Online Permit Center Portal, please contact the Staff Reviewer listed above, or call (541) 388-5580 and choose Option 3 for the planner on duty.

I, Cathleen Carr, certify that, as a courtesy, a copy of this notice was mailed to the Representative for the Southwest Neighborhood Association and the Legal Counsel for Bend-La Pine Schools. A copy of the mailing list is attached to this notice under Documents and Images for the project in the Online Permit Center Portal.


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To obtain this information in an alternate format such as Braille, large print, electronic formats, etc. please contact the Staff Reviewer listed above. Relay Users Dial 7-1-1.