Become an informed neighbor look at this informational website that explains code changes that could be coming to our neighborhood.  Let the City of Bend know you want the community to be heard before adopting code changes that are coming soon.

The proposed changes to Bend’s housing and parking requirements are stirring lots of controversy.  It is up to us the citizens of Bend to help determine the shape, look and functioning of our city.  The proposed changes can have a profound effect on Bend.  Most people in Bend realize that lack of affordable housing is a serious problem yet there are causes which are beyond the control of the City or State.  Even the many short term rentals (STR) affect affordable housing stock in Bend.  Low interest rates allow people to have several homes or invest in rentals or STR again reducing available housing.  So the problem isn’t simple and it is nationwide.

What is being proposed is allowing duplexes, tri-plexes and quadraplexes where single family zoning is allowed and reduced parking requirements.  There is an idea called form based zoning which seeks to mitigate the transitions between single family housing and more dense housing such as duplexes and triplexes.  It tries to respect existing neighborhoods by designing multiple family housing which is in scale with the surrounding housing so that it looks part of the neighborhood. There is no guarantee that the proposed code will be form based zoning.

Please read the proposed changes to Bend’s code and decide if this is an important issue for you.  It will affect your neighborhood, other neighborhoods and the housing for many essential workers in Bend.

Document (PDF)